Thursday, 28 April 2011

Westminster International University in Tashkent

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is Uzbekistan's first international university. The university is the first in Central Asia to offer a Western education, with UK qualifications. WIUT was established in 2002 in conjunction with the "UMID" Presidential Foundation, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education and the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. Since its establishment WIUT is widely recognized as one of the best and most prestigious educational institutions in Uzbekistan.

The objective of establishing WIUT was to provide an international standard of Higher Education in Uzbekistan to enable citizens of Uzbekistan and other countries to obtain an internationally recognised Bachelor education in Business Administration, Business Computing, Economics and Commercial Law, all validated by the University of Westminster. From 2005 WIUT has offered the first Internationally accredited Masters of Arts in International Business and Management as well as a professional qualification for teachers, the Post Graduate Certificate in Special Studies - Teaching and Learning. (Adopted from WIUT official site)

WIUT offers an international teaching team with a dynamic student centered teaching and learning philosophy. All teaching and assessment takes place in English. The first intake of students began their studies in October 2002 and the new university premises were inaugurated in spring 2003. WIUT has now an alumni 400 graduates and has established itself as the premier International University in Central Asia. of The university has been developed and is managed on UK/International principles and practices.

WIUT's graduates continue their career/education in top companies and universities of the world.Prince of Kent (UK) has recently paid a visit to University of Westminster. See picture.

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