Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tri-Tech wins $1m natural gas analysis and monitoring project in Uzbekistan

Beijing Satellite Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (BSST), an affiliate of Tri-Tech Holding Inc., has won a public bid to provide analysis and monitoring equipment to the Uzbekistan Branch of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation (CPECC).

The total contract amount for BSST's portion of the project is $1.02 million. Tri-Tech is a premier Chinese company that provides leading turn-key solutions for the water resources, water and wastewater treatment, industrial safety and pollution control markets.

According to the contract, BSST will provide on-site analysis systems and natural gas quality analysis and monitoring equipment to two stations of CPECC's Branch in Uzbekistan.

The equipment includes a chromatographic analyzer, a water dew point analyzer, a hydrocarbon dew point analysis analyzer, a hydrogen sulfide analyzer, a combustible gas alarm apparatus, sound and light alarms, explosion-proof axial fans, explosion-proof air conditioner and other technical equipment.

BSST will provide procurement of all equipment and components, system integration, installation, commissioning, etc. Completion of the project is slated for the end of October 2011.

"Our new project will help CPECC monitor gas conditions during the gas production process to maximize the rate of qualified products and minimize the impact of gas leak on the environment, said President of Tri-Tech Gavin Cheng.

"The project's closed system for on-site analysis is designed for safety at the industrial site. We have also promoted safety by making the project explosion-proof and preventing environment pollution and interference from other site activities. BSST will continue developing safety production process capabilities, enriching product and service lines for domestic and overseas safety and pollution control markets," Cheng said.

Tri-Tech Holding CEO Warren Zhao added: "We are pleased with BSST's first overseas production safety project after affiliating with Tri-Tech. BSST has a strong customer base in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We closely track our customers' business opportunities domestically and, as this project demonstrates, internationally."

"We will continue to seek safety and pollution control related business opportunities with our customers in China and abroad. We believe the CPECC project in Uzbekistan provides a strong opportunity to implement our international market development strategy," he noted.

Tri-Tech designs customized sewage treatment and odor control systems for China's municipalities and its larger cities. These systems combine software, information management systems, resource planning and local and distant networking hardware that includes sensors, control systems, programmable logic controllers, supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

The company also designs systems that track natural waterway levels for drought control, monitor groundwater quality and assist the government in managing its water resources. The company is also providing comprehensive solutions in the industrial pollution control market. Tri-Tech owns 23 software copyrights and two technological patents and employs 260 people.

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